Our Philosophy...

At Adira we understand the delicate issues women face when coming to grips with addiction.   

Our compassionate staff of women are united in the mission of helping clients heal in a space that is supportive, safe and promotes connection.  

We believe that sustained recovery is about creating and living your best life, therefore we designed our program to help women replace past damaging behaviors, patterns and beliefs with new and healthy positives ones.  To achieve this wincorporate the PERMA-V pillars of well-being into our treatment program;

Positive Emotions- seeking serenity, optimism, acceptance, self-regard

Engagement- pursuing hobbies, interests, personal growth

  Relationships- creating supportive, life enhancing connections 

Meaning- finding purpose, passion and fulfillment

Achievement-ongoing sense of growth, accomplishment, inspired goals

Vitality - caring for body and mind, optimal wellness, self-care

We offer support through group therapy, individual counseling and peer recovery coaching.

Wherever you may be on your journey, we look forward to working with you.